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7 de diciembre de 2017

9:00 a 10:30

  • Barila, Esteban: Expresión y función de canales KCNQ en el cuerpo ciliar"
  • Blanco, María Gabriela: Opposing effects of catecholaminergic and serotoninergic systems in C. elegans: Potential implications for human postraumatic stress disorders
  • Carignano, Camila: Analysis of cochlear outer hair cell degeneration in a mouse model of DFNA2 deafness
  • Chamorro Aguirre, Estefania: Endocannabinoid metabolism in rod outer segments depends on the illumination state of the retina
  • Chrestia, Juan Facundo: Regulation of the molecular function of alpha7 nicotinic receptor by phosphorilation
  • Conde, Melisa A.: Phosphatidic acid mediates neurofilament loss induced by alpha synuclein
  • Dibo, Marcos Javier: Cianotoxinas presentes en agua dulce inducen degeneración sobre neuronas de retina de rata en cultivo 
  • Fabiani, Camila:  All you need is coffee
  • Grioli, Silvina: Differential antitumoral effects between the analogues of calcitriol SG and EM1

11:00 a 12:30hs

  • Iglesias, Pablo: Phospholipase D signaling modulates the inflammatory response during 6-OH dopamine (6-OHDA)-induced neurotoxicity
  • Lasala, Matias: Effects of Amyloid β on α7 receptor function
  • Nielsen, Beatriz Elizabeth: Stoichiometry and kinetics of activation and potentiation of nicotinic alpha7beta2 heteromeric receptors   
  • Prado Spalm, Facundo Heber: Searching for the molecular pathways involved in ceramide-induced death of retina photoreceptors
  • Santiago Valtierra, Florencia Ximena: Enzymes involved in the biosynthesis of the very long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids of rat spermatogenic cell sphingolipids
  • Tenconi, Paula Estefania: Emerging roles of phospholipases D in retinal pigment epithelium cells exposed to high glucose
  • Turani, Ornella: Characterization of the antiparasitic bephenium as an agonist of  Caenorhabidits elegans levamisole-sensitive nicotinic receptors
  • Vera, Marcela: Migration of retina glial cells requires the synthesis of ceramide-1-phosphate

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